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At  A1 Web Server, we’ve always prescribed to the theory that “a rising tide lifts all boats”. In other words, if we can take actions which help our customers, we will ultimately benefit as well.

One of the needs we’ve noticed with many of our customers is that of website promotion.


As more and more websites come online daily, it becomes increasingly difficult for a small business to be found in Google, even for fairly non-competitive search phrases.

Not only that, but most of our customers are small main street type businesses which would find it difficult to afford the exhorbitant fees charged by most search engine optimization companies.

That’s why we’ve launched our Rising Tide program.

What Is The Rising Tide Program?

The Rising Tide program is our way of helping our customers to promote their websites in search engines like Google. We do this by giving our customers complimentery SEO services. These are services which we currently sell to our SEO clients. As an A1 Web Server Customer, you will get these services for free.

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What Will This Do For Me?

Search engine optimization will help your site to be found higher in Google search results for your keywords. The higher you appear in search engines, the more traffic you will get to your website.

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How Do You Do This?


90% of SEO work involves getting other sites to link to yours. The more sites which link back to you, the higher you will show up in the search engines. (it’s more complex than that, but you get the general idea). What we will do is procure those backlinks for you.

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How Do You Build Backlinks To My Site?

We use a variety of methods like commenting on blogs, article marketing, guest blog posts, blogging, etc.

Do I Get All of That?

Depending upon what hosting package you subscribe to, you will get some or all of this. Here’s how it breaks down by package.


Economy Package
  • Continuous Link Building
Standard Package
  • Continuous Link Building
  • 15 PR1-4 Blog Article Backlinks per year
Business Package
  • Continuous Link Building
  • 15 PR1-4 Blog Article Backlinks per year
  • Article Submitted to 1000 article directories per year
IT Pro Package
  • Continuous Link Building
  • 15 PR1-4 Blog Article Backlinks per year
  • Article Submitted to 1000 article directories per year
  • High PR links from our private blog network


Please note that in order to receive Rising Tide benefits, you must be paying the full price which is listed for your package on our website. If you are currently receiving a discounted price, you may still receive Rising Tide benefits by choosing to forego your discount.
What Is Continuous Link Building?
Continuous Link Building is what we do every day for our own sites. We’ll simply begin doing this for yours as well. It involves several strategies, such as commenting on relevent blog posts, etc.
Will I Receive Reports On What You’ve Done?
Because of the methodology used with Continuous Link Building, it would take too much time and effort to go back and check whether a comment was approved, so we don’t send reports for this. You’ll just need to trust that we are out there fighting for you daily.
With all other efforts we will send you a report.
How Do I Sign Up?
You may opt into this program for free by sending us an email at telling us the site[s] you wish us to promote and the search terms you wish to target.
Do You Offer Any Additional SEO Services?
Yes, we offer extensive SEO services through our Net Success website

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