I’m Excited About Web Hosting

I’m Excited About Web Hosting

Over the past twelve years, A1 Web Server has seen many ups and downs. I believe we’ve had more ups, but there have definitely been some downs as well.

Thanks to the fact that I have some of the most wonderful and loyal clients in the world, and an excellent partner, we’ve made it through those down times.

Sometimes, though, just surviving the storms isn’t enough. At some point, after the storm, the sun has to come out, birds should begin chirping, squirrels ought to chase one another, and life should be good. That’s where I believe our company now is.

Last summer, Chuck and I came to the realization that what we were doing just wasn’t working as well as it should. We set about on a very intense undertaking with the goal of completely reinventing our business. It began with moving our servers, implementing a new customer support ticket system, upgrading our online billing system, launching a facebook page, and re-designing our website. It’s been a lot of work, and isn’t completely done, but it’s gratifying to see us get squarely back on track.

What has me most excited, however, is the fact that we are now broadening our focus to offer web marketing services.

Chuck and I are both extremely passionate about marketing. Now we get to take this common passion, and begin helping our clients with it. We’re kicking this off with a special offer.

For only $99 we will design and launch a facebook business page for any existing client.

Facebook is an absolutely awesome marketing medium which allows a company to connect with clients and potential clients in a more personal way than what has been customary in the past. Social Media Marketing is possibly the biggest opportunity that smaller companies and entrepreuneurs have seen in a long time. We plan to jump right in, and hope you will too.

These are going to be exciting times, my friends. Glad we can go through them together!

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