I’m Excited About Web Hosting

Over the past twelve years, A1 Web Server has seen many ups and downs. I believe we’ve had more ups, but there have definitely been some downs as well. Thanks to the fact that I have some of the most wonderful and loyal clients in the world, and an excellent partner, we’ve made it through…

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Finding Your Success

In my last blog article I talked a little about how we’ve spent the last several months reinventing A1 Web Server. Essentially, we had a concept of where we wanted the company to go, what we wanted to offer our clients. A lot of what we did pertained to fixing what had become broken about…

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The Importance of a Good Password

Your web site is under attack. I don’t mean that it is sometimes under attack, or that it is under attack from time to time – I mean that your website is almost always being attacked by hackers, viruses and an assortment of bots all designed to compromise the security of your site and gain…

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A1 Web Server Song and Testimonial