The Importance of a Good Password

The Importance of a Good Password

Your web site is under attack.

I don’t mean that it is sometimes under attack, or that it is under attack from time to time – I mean that your website is almost always being attacked by hackers, viruses and an assortment of bots all designed to compromise the security of your site and gain access to your files.

I’ve personally been in this business for over twelve years, and I can tell you from (sometimes painful) experience that if it can be hacked – it will be hacked.

Hackers look for any vulnerability or weak point which they can exploit in order to gain entrance. More often than not, the weak point of any given web site’s security is a poorly crafted or easy to guess password.

That’s why it’s CRUCIAL to craft a good password for your web site.

A good password will consist of a random mix of letters (upper case and lower case), numbers, and symbols.

Never use your name, your children’s names, etc. – way too easy to guess.

And NEVER use a word from the dictionary. Hackers use programs which systematically try out every word in the dictionary as your password.

a bad password will look like this: baseball

A good password will look something like this: 3Dhc5%&vHH9

Be safe!

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