Finding Your Success

Finding Your Success

In my last blog article I talked a little about how we’ve spent the last several months reinventing A1 Web Server.

Essentially, we had a concept of where we wanted the company to go, what we wanted to offer our clients. A lot of what we did pertained to fixing what had become broken about our business. To do that we implemented some new ways of servicing our customers, moved our servers to more reliable data centers, etc,

Fixing what had fallen into disrepair was only part of the answer, and we both knew this. What was really needed, more than anything else, was for us to reinvent and redefine ourselves into a company which could bring real value to the table.

There was a systemic and fundamental change needed in our entire philosophy, mission and message. This had to go way beyond catchy marketing slogans and hit home into the deepest recesses of what we value, who we want to be and what we want to provide.

Our values, our aspirations, our focus, our direction, our fundamental philosophy and our mission as a company can be summed up in three words РFinding Your Success.

What does that mean?

Finding your success” means that we believe to our very core that success is available and acheivable. Sometimes it comes easy, sometimes it is the result of intense effort, bit it is ALWAYS possible.

Finding your success” means that we believe in YOU. We believe that given the right tools, support and encouragement you WILL succeed.

Finding your success” means that we want to come alongside you in your quest. We’re not going to “give you success” or “help you succeed” – we’re going make the journey with you in this great endeavor.

Finding your success” means that we won’t be content with selling you a gold pan and kicking you out the door.¬† Instead, we will walk with you to the stream, wade in, and pan with you.

In every part of our business, we plan to ask ourselves “Does this bring the customer closer to finding their success?”.

We are totally committed to success. In finding yours we also find ours.

We believe that you can and will find success in your endeavors. Please allow us to find it it with you.

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